Tuesday, February 15, 2005

My First Post in "Pacitan in Megapixels"

Actually, this blog is meant to share images of Pacitan, taken using my digital camera, an old Kodak CX-4230. At first, I intended to publish my photographed images using my own hand-coded PHP application, on my existing web space, the "neglected" www.pacitan.com. But at last, I think coding this app is actualy a big waste of time.

The idea of publishing the images taken from Pacitan was inspired by an RDev fellow in my office, Mr. Irfan, who use his blog as a photograph-publishing blog. The pictures are taken using his own camera, and it makes me think that it would be good if I do the same thing for the pictures I take in Pacitan.

Last but not least, I hope this one can be a good site to help Pacitan natural beauties be known better to everyone, and all the Pacitaners aboard can enjoy the pictures of their hometown.


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